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A pleasure trip or journey on a ship gives more of an unwinding exuberance and that is what exactly the cruises are meant to be. A Cruise not only intends to commute people from one destiny to another but also provides exceptional service, comfort and ambience at an affordable cost. Cruising with friends and family can be a wonderful experience to relish and remember for a lifetime.

Star Cruise

Star Cruise is the third largest cruise operator in the world and the leading in Asia Pacific region, capable of accommodating about a thousand people at a go. It has a fleet of 15 ships sailing to destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan and others.Star Cruise has a wide range of entertainment activities like restaurants, gyms, recreation clubs, spas, lounges, cinema and many more, sure to set your passion ablaze. The ships are exclusively designed to suit the passengers’ requirements considering their individual lifestyle and budget.

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Royal Caribbean is the world’s largest cruise line that covers 6 continents and 290 destinations offering the best cruising experience. A fleet of 22 state of the art ships with cutting edge design features and innovative technologies make for the best fleet of ships in the world. The activities onboard include spas & lounges for relaxation, exquisite culinary for the hunger pangs and other fun filled activities for kids & adults.Royal Caribbean International stands apart from other cruises in offering world class services and warm hospitality to its passengers simply making each trip, the best traveling experience.

Bahamas Cruise

The Bahamas, a group of islands located in the Atlantic ocean has the most exotic sea life, pristine beaches, turquoise waters and sizzling nightlife adding to its beauty, making it the perfect vacation to relax and unwind. Other than the Victorian mansions and museums, the bazaars and the colorful Bahamian houses, there is a plenty of things to do and see in the Bahamas cruise.

Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean cruise, one of the most luxurious cruises providing impeccable hospitality and great entertainment has different amenities and destinations to choose from. From Greece, Athens, Turkey and Venice on the east to Italy, Rome, Barcelona and Naples on the west, there are a number of destinations to cruise on depending on your interests. Rome, Venice and Florence are the favorite spots of the Mediterranean cruise.

Amet Cruise

Amet Cruise is India’s first cruise line sailing from Chennai to destinations like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries. Amet cruises is keen on providing its sailors, a totally different sailing experience with the best recreation and entertainment facilities that suits everyone’s interest and budget. Amet also strives to ensure affordable and memorable holidays to the average Indian traveler. .

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