Railway & Buss Ticketing

The two most popular forms of travel will have to be railway and bus travel. For destinations in India that are less than half a day’s travel away, these are the most economic ways to travel. Even abroad, services like Eurail provide excellent connectivity between cities, even if they are in different countries!

A train journey can be a lot of fun as well. Unlike a flight, you get to take in the scenery of the countryside as it passes by. There is something very thrilling as well as relaxing about a train journey. Added a bonus, there is no limit to your luggage. No more haggling with the airline staff to let you take another bag through. Group travel by train can also be a lot of fun, and bringing a board game along can while away time. Cathrrine offers railway ticketing services for your convenience. Whether individual or group bookings, we will sort out your train tickets, even if you want to book a coach for your entire family. From Indian Railways to Eurail to any other international destinations, Cathrrine has it all covered. Get in touch with us to know more.

With the highways in India getting better and road connectivity getting better along with it, buses have become a popular mode of transport between cities. If you take Coimbatore for example, there are countless services that operate buses to Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Tiruchirapalli and more. You have to just pick a destination and there will be a bus service that will take you there. Buses are comfortable overnight journeys, and Cathrrine Travels has tied up with a lot of providers to make it easier for you to travel. Get in touch with us to book a ticket or a bus, as we offer these as well on a daily rental basis. Fit your entire family on one and take a road trip!