Travel Course Training & Placements

Travel and tourism is an industry that is ever-expanding and more than 200 million people work in the industry. For an industry with such scope and scalability, there are a surprisingly low number of high-quality courses for people looking to get into the industry. Cathrrine Travels offers a travel course that is designed to give you the skills and the knowledge to maximize career opportunities in this rapidly changing industry. You get the advantage of learning from highly skilled professionals who come with a lot of experience in the industry.

Our travel course is also designed to give you hands-on experience in the industry. With classroom sessions and interning at our own offices, you will learn more about the industry and its nuances than in similar courses. From travel agent basics to advanced tour operations, we have it all covered. You will learn basics like ticketing and visa documentation to advanced operations like organizing tours, cruises and the like. We will also teach you how to handle large crowds of tourists on a tour, and how to address questions as well as keep them entertained during the tour.

You will also get an internationally-recognized certificate upon completion of your course, enabling you to get a jump start in the travel and tourism industry. We also have tie-ups with other travel and tour operators around the globe, and you could find a job in your favourite industry any time after completing the course. We assist you with placements either at our own or other offices upon successful completion of the course.